15 & 25 Gallon Bulk Tanks

Tank Features: Complete your sprayer project with Valley Industries’ blow molded 15- & 25-Gallon Bulk Flat Bottom Tanks. Featuring .125” thick, translucent walls with raised volume markings to read fluid levels. Made of polyethylene and UV stabilizers to protect against the harshest elements and chemicals. Comes standard with a molded-in drain port for full drain out capability. Approved for use with Round-Up® and other agricultural brand herbicides and insecticides (glyphosate compatible). Perfect for residential, industrial, and agricultural applications. Backed by a two-year warranty on manufacturer defects.

Available Tank Inserts: Each bulk tank includes several pairs of inserts.  At the bottom, four inserts (5/16-18 thread pitch) available for mounting capabilities. On the side of the tank, two inserts (10-24 thread pitch) available to add spray gun wand clips. Finally, four inserts (10-24 thread pitch) at the top of the bulk tank to mount a 12V diaphragm pump.

Additional Available Features: Bulk tanks options available with a tethered fill lid and drain cap. Private labeling options also available. *

Available Color Options: Valley Industries is stocked with white and yellow colored tank options. Safety green also available. Custom coloring options also available. *

Barcoded Options: 15-& 25-Gallon Bulk Flat Bottom Tanks also available with weatherproof barcode for retail use. Replace “-BN” with “-BS” in the part #.

*Minimum Order Quantities Apply. Reach Out For Details.

Part # Tank Size Tank Color Weight Includes Tethered Lid & Drain Cap
33-103231 15 Gallon White 7lbs No
T-015-WWNA-BN 15 Gallon White 7lbs Yes
33-103293 15 Gallon Yellow 7lbs No
T-015-YYNA-BN 15 Gallon Yellow 7lbs Yes
33-103230 25 Gallon White 12lbs No
T-025-WWNA-BN 25 Gallon White 12lbs Yes
33-103294 25 Gallon Yellow 12lbs No
T-025-YYNA-BN 25 Gallon Yellow 12lbs Yes


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