Pressure Washer FAQ

What are PSI and GPM? + -

PSI refers to water pressure, measured in pounds per square inch. Pressure determines how much force is applied to break down stubborn dirt and grime.

GPM is the water flow delivered to the spray gun, measured in gallons per minute. Flow determines how much water runs through the system and provides the muscle to break down dirt faster and remove it from the area.

Pressure washers are rated by PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute). The higher these numbers are, the faster and more effective the cleaning.

Can I use any pressure washer to clean any surface? + -

Yes, but different projects require different combinations of pressure and flow for the best results. Use the nozzles to control the pressure and flow for each project.

Is the level of pressure most important in choosing a pressure washer? + -

No, both the water pressure and the water flow are equally important. the pressure breaks down the dirt and the flow removes it from the area.

Is it possible to use detergent with pressure washers? + -

Yes, the detergent injection system enables you to achieve better cleaning results by using cleaning detergents to help break down dirt and grime. (Do not use chlorine bleach; voids product warranty).

Do any of the pressure washers allow you to use any type of cleaning detergent? + -

No, only detergents that are specifically approved for pressure washer use are recommended. Using detergents that are not approved for pressure washer use voids the warranty, may damage the pressure washer, and may not be environmentally sound. (Do not use chlorine bleach; voids product warranty).

What is easy start pump technology? + -

A bypass valve used to relieve pressure during start up to provide easy, low effort starting.

Is an electric or gas powered motor better? + -

Gas powered pressure washers provide more power, flexibility and cleaning speed than electric powered models.

Can I siphon water from a lake or holding tank to operate the pressure washer? + -

Not necessarily. Most pressure washers are not designed to be used in this manner. Lake water contains sediment and other materials that can clog the unit. Siphoning water from a holding tank with a machine not designed for siphoning will severely damage the pump. Siphoning requires a heavier pump complete with special fittings.

Can I hook my cold water pressure washer to a hot water supply? + -

NEVER hook any pressure washer to a hot water supply. Doing so immediately voids the warranty and ultimately damages the pump.

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Do you have a catalog? + -

Yes, we do have a catalog that shows our wide range of products we offer to the agricultural and industrial markets. 224A Valley Catalog