Differences Between Spray Guns

There are many different types of spraying applications and a wide range of spray guns to fit each application that one must determine before spraying. More so, your chemical sprayer needs the correct gun for the purpose of your choice to be the most effective. So, the first question you need to ask yourself is what is your spraying application? Do you need high flow, high or low pressure, adjustable or non-adjustable spray pattern? If you are unsure, just know you are not alone! That is why we are going to take a deep dive into a few different spray guns, perfect for your varying spraying application needs. Follow along and find out what gun is right for you! 

Seasonal Spot Spraying 

Spray Guns: SG-4200-18 & SG-4507F & SG-500T 

Ideal Applications: Weeds, Fence Lines, Small Trees, and Limited Spot Spraying 

These adjustable nozzle spray guns, that go from stead stream to mist, are designed for a user who only spot sprays once or twice a year. Its unique flexibility is perfect for spot sprayers that go up to 2.2GPMs. If you are looking for more reach, then our SG-500T telescoping spray gun is the one for you as it can help spray taller objects. 


Continuous Spot Spraying 

Spray Guns: SG-2218-18 & SG-5518-18 

Ideal Applications: Weeds, Fence Lines, Small Trees, and Consistent Spot Spraying 

Are you looking for more of a sturdy, ergonomically designed spray gun that can increase your comfort while spraying for extended periods of time? If so, then you are in the right place. These two spray guns feature a brass nozzle and hose barb connections for a long-lasting design against chemicals. Like the seasonal spot spraying guns, these nozzles have the capability to go from steady stream to mist in seconds. Also, these continuous spot spraying guns can provide a greater spray distance compared to the seasonal guns. Additionally, these guns have available field repairable replacement kits to minimize user down-time. 


High-Volume Spot Spraying 

Spray Guns: SG-2200, SG-2200-CSK, SG-3200

Ideal Applications: Orchards, Vineyards, Nurseries, & Tall Trees 

Consistent pressure and performance are what these high-volume spot spraying guns will deliver. Known for their excellent spray coverage, the SG-2200, SG-3200 & SG-2200-CSK will allow you to adjust from stream to an atomized mist. This unique feature, going to an atomized mist, ensures more consistent coverage throughout the application process compared to other guns. Some other features include heavy duty construction that confidently increases the spray gun’s durability and has an available field repairable replacement kit. Also, they are designed with a drip-free shut-off valve which prevents unwanted chemical drips after completing application. If you are looking to maximize your performance, based on the pumping system of your sprayer, then these guns are perfect for you as they come with additional nozzles to finish the job. 


High Pressure Spot Spraying

Spray Guns: SG-1005, SG-1700-13, SG-1700-22 

Ideal Applications: Livestock, Parlors, Medium Trees, & Heavy-Duty Burnout Chemical Spraying.  

Like the high-volume spot spraying gun, these high-pressure guns provide great pressure and performance that delivers excellent spray coverage. These three guns can easily allow you to adjust from stream to mist by pulling the trigger farther downward. Its aluminum barrel and thermos plastic handle design are known for their long-lasting corrosion resistance, enabling you to get more out of your purchase! In addition, the high-pressure spray guns feature a drip-free shut-off valve and field repairable replacement kits, preventing unwanted chemical drips and downtime.  


Lawn & Turf Spraying  

Spray Guns: SG-PC-025 

Ideal Applications: Medium Trees, Lawn & Turf Care  

Do you spray with a pumping system and volume that requires a bigger spraying application? Well, our SG-PC-025 spray gun will allow you to adjust from stream to mist at the nozzle, giving you more consistent coverage throughout application. This long-lasting, metal and stainless-steel construction design features a drip-free shut-off which prevents unwanted chemical drips. Additional nozzles are available with this lawn and turf spray gun to maximize performance based on your pumping system. 

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