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Unbelievably, retail merchandising is subtle yet very impactful and profitable. Well thought out and effective retail merchandising can greatly increase your customers’ encompassing experience while walking up and down the aisles in your store. Here, at Valley Industries, our team is ready to capitalize on this opportunity as we understand the importance of retail merchandising and the work it takes to provide the most visually appealing concepts for your store. Whether you are new to retail or have been around for years and are looking for new inspiration to outperform the competition, then look no further! Our team is always looking for fresh, innovative ideas that can impact on your customers’ experience in the store. Discover how we can help you today! 

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What We Can Do for You… 

We focus on setting our retail partners up for success. From pricing and packaging to point of purchase, we make sure you have all the necessary resources and tools you need to draw in your customers. 

Packaging Capabilities 

Valley Industries is a leader in designing ground-breaking packaging for the retail shelf. Our Marketing Team works tirelessly to provide engaging and eye-catching retail packaging, making it easy for shoppers to identify what they are looking for. Did we mention we also place a focus on providing compact designs, giving you more shelf flexibility? Our goal is to create a unique experience that speaks to the brand while creating memorable displays for your customers and company. 

Point of Purchase Materials 

Catch your customers’ attention and encourage them to buy with Valley’s innovative point of purchase materials. From display headers and banners to product focused shelf talkers, Valley point of purchase materials will inform your customers and intensify your sales. 

360-Degree Customer Support 

Valley Industries provides 360-degree visibility to all our customers, regardless of size. When you call with a problem, a human will answer the phone and direct you to our knowledgeable customer service team or detail-oriented sales staff to find you a solution. Valley Industries stands behind our products, and we will always have your back with anything you may need. 

Pre-Set Planograms

We know shelf space is vital, so let us put the puzzle together for you. Valley Industries has a wide variety of pre-set planograms which can fit any retail footprint. Our planograms are designed to create consistency between store locations, improve visual appeal, and maximize retail square footage to give you the most value for your space. 

Private Labeling 

Looking to separate from your competitors or to build an in-house brand? Let us develop your packing and point of purchase that best fits your style and values. 

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