O-Rings & Screens for Strainers

Part# Description
11302-CSK EPDM O-Ring for 3/4” Strainer, Clamshelled
11306-VI EPDM O-Ring for 1” or 1-1/2” Nylon Strainers
10523-VI 1” Strainer Screen 50 Mesh
10523-VI-BC 1” Strainer Screen 50 Mesh, Barcoded
10524-BC 1” 124A Strainer Screen, 80 Mesh, Barcoded
10849-BC 1-1/2 ” Line Strainer Screen, 50 Mesh, Barcoded
10866-VI 1-1/2” Line Strainer Screen, 20x20, Stainless

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