Lynch Pins


  • Prevents a wheel or other rotating part from sliding off
  • Uses: various tractor joins and other automotive components
  • Diameter: 3/16″ – 7/16″
  • Material: Low carbon steel

*801LP is available in packages of 100.

Available Lynch Pins

Part# Case# Farmex# Speeco# HH# Type Pin Diameter Packaging Style
804LP Replaces 03548 32204 NA 21910 Standard Pin 3/16" Bulk
800LP B500169 32207 P794 21920 Standard Pin 1/4" Bulk
802LP B504901 32205 P7915 21930 Standard Pin 5/16" Bulk
801LP* B500170 2703 P791 21940 Standard Pin 7/16" Bulk
803LP B500171 33027 P7913 21960 Black Ring H.D. 7/16" Bulk
805LP NA NA P7916 NA Standard Pin 3/8" Bulk
806LP NA NA P792 21945 Standard Pin with Chain 7/16" Bulk


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