Pressure Washing Safety Tips
Pressure washers are incredibly powerful machines and need to be treated as such. If improper precautions are taken when pressure washing, there is an increased risk of high-pressure water injection injuries. Following pressure washing safety tips when operating these machines is extremely important and helps to mitigate the risk of injury.

read the manual

Reading your specific pressure washer manual is the first step that you should take before beginning your pressure washing. Not all pressure washers are made the same and may differ in the specific features, water temperature and amount of pressure.

survey your surroundings

Before using your pressure washer, make sure that you become familiar with the variables in your surroundings. Keep an eye out for obstacles, slippery or uneven surfaces, pets, children and even traffic passing by. Being aware allows you to avoid hazards.

never aim the wand at anyone

It is of utmost importance that you never aim the pressure washer’s wand at anyone, as doing so may result in severe injury, including amputation. Always keep the wand pointed towards the ground until you have had the chance to become comfortable with the strength of the pressure that the machine and wand put out.

wear proper safety gear

Many pressure washer injuries are preventable with the use of proper equipment and gear. It is recommended that you wear boots, work gloves, long pants and safety glasses whenever you are operating or near an operating pressure washer.

​select the proper nozzle for the job​

Selecting the right nozzle for the job is essential in preventing injury and damage to the surface. If you have a variety of nozzles and are not sure which will work best for the job, start with the largest degree spray tip that you have and make adjustments from there.

  • TIP: Be sure to take note of which nozzle you use for each job. Doing so will provide you with a reference point for future jobs.

avoid working on ladders

Although we all understand that pressure washers deliver high pressure, this pressure is easily underestimated time and time again. The kickback from a pressure washer can cause you to lose your balance or footing when on a ladder, increasing your risk of injury. If you are working on an area that is too high to reach without the use of a ladder, use an extension or wand to reach the surface.

always use gun trigger lock when not spraying

The vast majority of pressure washer spray guns feature a trigger lock that can be used when you need to step away from the pressure washer. Utilizing the trigger lock will prevent any unintentional spraying and accidents.


After you have completed your job, turn off your pressure washer and squeeze the trigger until all of the remaining pressure has been released. Doing so will allow you to safely detach the hose, spray gun and nozzle.



Following these pressure washing safety tips will have you on your way to better and safer pressure washing. Should you have any questions or would like to inquire about the Valley Industries pressure washing machines and accessories, feel free to contact us below and we will be in touch shortly!
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