Agricultural Accessories

Valley Industries offers an expansive line of premium parts and accessories for agricultural applications. From tanks to pumps, spray guns to nozzles, Valley Industries provides a full spectrum of products to keep agricultural equipment running smoothly.


Benefits of Valley industries agricultural accessories

One-Stop Shop for Agricultural Products – Valley Industries provides a full spectrum of agricultural parts, including tanks, boom kits, spray guns, pumps and nozzles to meet all needs.

Retail Packaging – Looking for the complete package? Valley Industries provides retail display packaging options for agricultural accessories. With clear, concise and informative packaging – stand above the rest while increasing sales.

Private Labeling – Build up brand awareness with your own complete sprayers or accessories through our private label program. Make your brand the focus while zoning in on the high-velocity sprayers and accessories that your customer base is looking for.


The valley Advantage

Originally started as a pressure gauge distributor in 1998, Valley has grown to become a leader in the agricultural and industrial markets. Today, Valley is a manufacturer and distributor of five unique brands across multiple distribution channels. Valley Industries works tirelessly to ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations while providing the highest quality and support that they deserve. With Valley, you will always get the following:

Robust Product Line – More than 4,000 high-quality products offered in a wide range of industries and applications.

Problem Solving Mentality – Every problem has a solution. With our history, quality, innovation and global affiliations; no problem is too big for us to tackle.

360° Customer Service – From the beginning of the order to when it reaches your doorstep, Valley Industries has a knowledgeable customer service staff that provides more answers than questions.

Centralized Location – Based in Paynesville MN, easily get quick turn-around on your orders.

Agricultural Accessories

Bulk Tanks – From 15-60 Gallon Capacity


Broadcast Boom Kits – From 7-14 Ft Swath | Up to 4+ Acres Coverage


Broadcast Boomless Kits – From 16-30 Ft Swath | Up to 2 Acres (?) Coverage


12V Diaphragm Pumps – From 1.0-7.0 GPM | Up to 70 PSI
12V Quick-Attach Diaphragm Pumps – From 2.2-7.0 GPM | Up to 70 PSI
12V High Pressure Diaphragm/Plunger Pumps – From 1.5-2.0 GPM | Up to 200 PSI


Traditional Spray Guns – Up to 100 PSI | Up to 2.2 GPM
Deluxe Piston Grip Spray Guns – From 250-350 PSI | Up to 7.0 GPM
Jet Stream Aluminum Spray Guns – From 400-800 PSI | Up to 8.0 GPM
High Volume Spray Guns – From 100-800 PSI | From 5-25 GPM


Boom Nozzles 80˚ & 110˚ Flat Fan Tips | 110˚ Air Induction Tips | 110˚ Ceramic Flat Fan Tips | 140˚ Deflector Nozzles
Boomless Nozzles – 
Nozzle Bodies – 

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