Trailer Jack Swivel Retaining Ring – 2″ Dia.

Retaining Ring Features: Keep your trailer jack secure with the Valley Industries Universal Trailer Jack Swivel Retaining Ring. This 2-inch diameter ring prevents a swivel mount flange bracket from moving or swiveling unexpectedly, preventing unwanted damage to your trailer or trailer jack. Made of steel for durability, this ring offers long-lasting corrosion resistance against elements such as water, dirt, and road salt, ensuring reliable performance in various conditions. With its easy installation, you can quickly and securely attach the retaining ring to your trailer jack.

Backed by a one-year limited manufacturer warranty on defects. Trailer jack and swivel mount flange bracket not included.

Compatible Trailer Jacks: The retaining ring is compatible with Valley Industries trailer jack models FJ-020 and FJ-530, as well as other manufacturers’ trailer jacks with a swivel mount flange bracket setup.



Product Specs

Part # Material Compatible Valley Jacks Packaging Style
TJ-06-07-CS Steel FJ-020 & FJ-530 Clamshelled

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