Tee Nozzle Body Kits

The Valley Industries Universal Tee Nozzle Body Kit includes two tee nozzle bodies, two retaining nuts, two nozzle caps & strainers. Available in nylon and polypropylene with 3/8” or ½” Hose Barb connection. Compatible with Master Manufacturing or other branded broadcast sprayers & boom kits.

Part # Connection Size
34-140026-CSK 3/8" Hose Barb
34-140047-CSK 1/2" Hose Barb
34-140025BLK-CSK 3/8" Poly Elbow Nozzle Body Kit
34-140026BLK-CSK 3/8" Poly Tee Nozzle Body Kit
34-140027BLK-CSK 3/8" Cross Nozzle Body Kit
34-140047BLK-CSK 1/2" Tee Nozzle Body Kit