Standard Tank Lids and Baskets

** Barcoded

Part # Size Description
354230 4" Female thread ld, gasket, diaphragm breather
33-103221 5" Lid, .25" hole for lanyard
G-8140000 6" Closed fill cap
G-8140002 6" Vented fill cap
G-8142000 6" Ring for fill cap
G-8170001 5" Strainer basket
G-8178000 6" Closed female thread lid
G-8178001 6" Vented female threaded lid
G-8146000 8" Closed lid
G-8146000-BC 8" Closed lid**
G-8146002 8" Vented lid
G-8147002 8" Strainer basket
G-8148000 8" Lid ring
G-8148002 8" Lid ring w/c gasket
G-8149001 8" Lid, no venting, w/ ring
G-8152000 12" Closed lid
G-8152002 12" Vented lid w/ fill cap
G-8154000 12" Lid ring
G-8154002 12" Lid ring w/c gasket
G-8153001 12" Strainer basket
G-8155000 12" Vented lid, w/ ring
G-8169004 12" Hinged lid w/ vent
Part # Size Description
G-8158000 16" Closed lid
G-8158002 16" Vented lid w/ fill cap
G-8158002-BC 16" Vented lid w/ fill cap**
G-8159000 16" Strainer basket - short
G-8159001 16" Strainer basket - deep
G-81560000 16" Lid ring
G-8160002 16" Lid ring w/c gasket
G-8161000 16" Lid, 2 Maze vents, w/ ring
G-8170008 16" hinged lid w/ vent
G-8170015 18" Lid, 180° opening, floating ball vent valve
G-B00000001 NA Arm for hinged lid
G-B00000014 16" Lid seal replacement for G-8170015
34-140030-CSK NA Tank fill lid
TLS-5D 5" Basket strainer (Fits 6" lid)
TLS-5D-CSK 5" Basket strainer (Fits 6" lid), Clamshelled
TL-6B 6" Tank Lid with Breather
TL-6B-BC 6" Tank Lid with Breather**
TL-6B-GAS NA EPDM gasket
TL-6B-W/GAS NA Lid & gasket