Soft Wash Hose Reel Swivel

Soft Wash Swivel Features:  Minimize friction and give your hose freer movement with this high-pressure super swivel. Featuring a 90° rotating joint setup that keeps hose from pinching and kinking, while keeping continuous flow. Also includes a sliding bearing system that ensures smooth rotations when subjected to high loads. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel with long-lasting durability. Hose reel and hose not included.

Ideal Applications: This soft wash swivel is perfect for, you guessed it, soft wash applications!

Compatibility: This soft wash swivel is compatible with all Hardcore u-channel, manual, and electric hose reels. See below for specific models. Can also be used with other manufactured hose reels.

Hardcore U-Channel Hose Reels:

Hardcore Manual Hose Reels:

Hardcore Electric Hose Reels:


Product Specs

Part # Max PSI Inlet Outlet Material
33-201078 725 1/2" FNPT 1/2" FNPT Stainless Steel

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