110˚ Air Induction Tips

Cover more ground and upgrade your broadcast sprayer with Valley Industries Universal Broadcast Sprayer Air Induction Nozzles. Features a 110 degree wide angle spray that provides larger droplets on target while greatly reducing drift compared to standard flat fan tips. Ideal for spraying chemicals such as insecticide, herbicide and pesticide. Unlike other spray nozzles, this one features a larger orifice to reduce clogs and maintain a precise spray pattern. For best performance stay within 25-90 PSI range. Ideal spraying height is 20 inches from top of grass.  Comes standard with 4 air induction nozzles. Compatible with Master Manufacturing and other branded broadcast sprayer boom kits.

Product Specs

Nozzle Style Spray Pattern Drop Size Drift Hazard Ideal Spraying Height (From Top of Grass) Ideal Pressure Range Qty in Pack Compatibility
Air Induction 110˚ Medium Low 20" 25-90 PSI 4 Nozzles All Branded Broadcast Sprayers & Boom Kits
Part# Orifice Color
G-8259492-CSK 2.0 Yellow
G-8259493-CSK 2.5 Purple
G-8259494-CSK 3.0 Blue
G-8259495-CSK 4.0 Red
G-8259557-CSK 6.0 Gray