Pressure Washer Starter Kit

Starter Kit Features: All of the pressure washing essentials in this grab-and-go kit.  See below for what’s included!

Pump Oil:  This heavy-duty oil formula is designed to keep your pump running smooth from application to application. Featuring a non-detergent and non-foaming formula that is rated for superior rust and oxidation protection. Make pouring a breeze with the easy fill neck. Contains one liter of oil.

4-Cycle Engine Oil (SAE 10W-030): This heavy-duty synthetic oil formula is designed to offer better wear control of your gas engine, even under the toughest conditions. Featuring advanced additives that keep things moving along in any broad temperature ranges. Make pouring a breeze with the easy fill neck. Contains one liter of oil.

Pump Saver Solution: Designed to protect the pistons and seals of your pressure washer pump from harsh weather elements (up to -25° F). Featuring a unique anti-freeze and lubricant formula that keeps corrosion to a minimum by lubricating valves, seals and pistons to prevent sticking. Bottle contains 16-ounce of solution.

Garden Hose Adapter: In seconds, connect your garden hose to your pressure washer. Featuring a clear filter that connects to your pressure washer. Also included is a black and blue adapter that threads onto garden hose. Compatible with residential and commercial electric pressure washers.

Nozzle Holder: Keep your quick attach pressure washer nozzles safe and organized when power washing. Four slots for nozzles and includes clip for easy latching to equipment and clothing.



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