BatchPro™ Softwash & Disinfecting Sprayer System

Mix any chemical batch of any size and strength on the job site in a matter of seconds, only with the Valley Industries Universal BatchPro™ Softwash and Disinfecting Sprayer System. With just a few button pushes, this revolutionary one-man system bridges the gap between metering and batching softwash equipment. Save time and money with this groundbreaking softwash system.

Pump & Engine Combination: Featuring the innovative, self-priming Comet P36 diaphragm pump that has chemical resistant wet parts and a hexagonal manifold for smooth and quiet operation. The P36 Comet pump can handle up to 9.6GPM and 150 PSI, providing the flow you need. Powered by the always dependable and powerful Honda GX200 engine.

Tank Setup: The BatchPro™ comes standard with a 100 gallon fresh water tank and includes dual 55 gallon tanks for chemical and mixing. Keep your mix accurate with the simplified on-tank chemical mix calculator.

Hose Reels & Hose: Eliminate the need for ladders or climbing up on roofs with 200 feet of 5/8″ hose that can be rolled in or out with the easy to use hose guides. All stationed on an 18″ heavy-duty electric Hardcore hose reel.

Control Panel: Make the right amount chemical batch with lighted and labeled control panel that allows you to send fresh water and chemical to the mix tank. Connected to chemical resistant electric ball valves that can be turned on/off. Featuring three buttons that allows for sending fresh water to mix tank, sending chemical to mix tank and finally applying and rinsing surface.

Other Features: This softwash and disinfecting sprayer includes a long distance spray gun with a high volume nozzle kit, heavy-duty welded aluminum fork lift ready frame, chemical resistant vinyl plumbing and is DOT compliant.

Ideal Applications:  Cleaning algae, mold, & mildew off rooftops, siding, driveways, and sidewalks with water and chemicals that aren’t tolerant of the impact of a high pressure washer. The BatchPro™ can also be used for disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces in outdoor areas that have heavy foot traffic.

Part # SW3-T5-FUA



Offering Optimum Spray Capacity (Based on Additional Water Source Onsite)

150 Gallons of 4% Roof Mix 200 Gallons of 3% Roof Mix 400 Gallons of 1.5% Deck Mix 600 Gallons of 1% House Mix
Makes 3 Batches Makes 4 Batches Makes 8 Batches Makes 12 Batches

Watch the BatchPro™ Softwash & Disinfecting System in action below!

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