14″ Multi-Use Flat Surface Cleaner


  • 4,000 PSI rotary head.
  • Durable nylon brush skirt.
  • Heavy duty polypropylene cover.
  • Welded steel two arm rotary bar.
  • Zero wall clearance.

PK-1400WAW  |  Clamshell packaging  |  UPC# – Call for details.


  • Attach to a long wand and clean hard to reach surfaces.
  • Attach to a gun and lance for cleaning flat surfaces.
  • Use a high pressure spray gun kit to clean walls. (Gun kit sold separately.)

Product Specs

Max Pressure Optimal Pressure Max Flow Max Temp Size Weight
4000 PSI Under 2500 PSI 4.0 GPM 180˚ 14" 5.6 lbs